VR Innovator

VR Innovator (VRI) was founded by AAA Video Game Music Composer, Rika Muranaka.

VR Innovator is a leading pioneer in the fields of Virtual Reality “VR”, Augmented Reality “AR” and Mixed Reality (MR). VRI is a dominant force encompassing all aspects of technology including VR Therapy, VR Education and VR Gaming as well as launching a groundbreaking method of shopping for future generations.

VR Innovator is not just a technology provider. We are a fully-integrated, 360 Marketing Firm with the capability of producing the content for today’s marketplace, and providing consumers with a revolutionary retail experience.

VR technology offers endless possibilities. Below are just a few:

  1. Video Gaming
  2. VR Shopping
  3. VR Medical Applications
  4. Travel
  5. Education
  6. SPACE and Technology
  7. Entertainment
  8. Amusement Parks
  9. Casinos
  10. VR TV and Live Streaming Channels


VR Innovator’s mission is to use VR technology to enhance people’s lives.