VR Innovator

VR Innovator are founded by AAA video game music composer Rika Muranaka and Grammy award winner Damien “E-Love” Matthias.

VR Innovator will be future pioneers with in the world of VR-commerce. The Company will be the dominant force within new media and ground breaking method of shopping for all generations.

VR Innovator is not just a technology provider. We are fully integrated 360 marketing firm with the capability of producing the content for today’s marketplace, and providing consumers with a revolutionary retail experience.

What can We do with VR technology?

  1. Video game
  2. VR shopping
  3. VR in Medical field
  4. Travel
  5. Education
  6. SPACE and technology
  7. Entertainment
  8. Amusement park
  9. VR Channel


VR Innovator’s mission is to use new VR technology to enhance and make people’s lives better

Our Works

Fearless DFearless D

Fearless D is the first VR Drifting game on multiple platforms.

FearlessD (@FearlessD_US)

Fearless D
Fearless D
Fearless D
Fearless D
Fearless D
Fearless D



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Rika Muranaka CEO

In the last 20 years, Rika composed & produced themes to some of Konami’s most successful and award-winning AAA game titles. Rika worked on projects such as Silent Hill, the renowned Metal Gear Solid and the sequels, Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, and Guns of the Patriots, played a fundamental role in shaping the tone of dramatic on screen events, which elevated the cinematic experience for gamers worldwide.

Rika collaborated & hired Hollywood film composer Harry Gregson-Williams at the Media Ventures studio in Venice Beach California to work with me on the Konami’s biggest selling AAA video game called “Metal Gear Solid”.

Rika also worked on music tor the 2007 feature-length film, "Broken English”, produced and directed by famous Hollywood film maker family, Zoe Cassavetes. This music was created for Academy award winning composer, Hans Zimmer’s music library .known as “Extreme Music”.

Rika worked with Konami and various record companies in Japan that allowed her to bring some of the top jazz artists into the fold, including Gerald Albright, Peter Erskine, Robert Irving lll, Kevin Eubanks and Hubert Laws, Marcus Miller.

Rika successfully combines abilities as a performer, composer, and producer, into a unique Package selling over 50 million copies of video games, combined with CD sales worldwide.

Rika Muranaka

Damien “E-Love” Matthias Co-Founder

Damien “ELove” Matthias is a Multi-Platinum Award-Winning Writer, Producer, and Director selling more than 35,000,000 records. ELove is best known for co-producing and performing with LL Cool J, one of Def Jams Records’ first artists. He was also instrumental in launching the careers of Tupac Shakur and John Forte of the Fugees.

On the marketing side, ELove was an integral part of fledgling Def Jam Records’ hugely successful pre-internet marketing team using creative “Street Teams” trained to inundate the airways, college campuses and distribute fliers, post signs on bus stops, walls, set up high school and college tours, radio talk shows, coordinate media – cutting-edge gorilla marketing for that time. In addition, ELove made sure the artists showed up to radio and record store appearances.

As a result, Def Jam Records (now owned by Universal Music Group) became one of the most successful independent labels of all time, including its subsidiary label, “Cash Money/Young Money” with current artists, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. E-Love is the #1 Logo in all of Hip Hop. He is the silhouette within the scope of Public Enemy Logo.

During his time with LL Cool J, ELove appeared on Soul Train, the BET Awards, Arsenio Hall, MTV Awards, and Grammy Awards, among others. He produced many music videos including the award-winning “I’m Goin’ back to Cali” for LL Cool J which he co-produced with Rick Rubin, co-founder of Def Jam Records.

In 1989, ELove was given last rites by a priest in the hospital after being shot 6 times by armed assailants in front of a club in Southside Queens, New York. He recalls feeling a faint soft sign of the cross on his forehead as he lay barely conscious strapped to a hospital bed, tubes everywhere, and nearly flat line vitals. After three years of multiple surgeries and rehabilitation, ELove miraculously beat all odds, his life transformed.

Taking a break from the music scene to achieve other goals, ELove was accepted into the American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in San Francisco to pursue film and video production. It was there he directed and co-produced Levi’s Youth Aids National Commercial artist Wyclef of the Fugees and national commercials for BCBG and Gateway Computers.

He then moved to Los Angeles and established his own production company which incorporated film, music, and sports management targeted toward the worldwide MTV/BET audience. Under this umbrella, he produced numerous low-budget films and music videos on the hip hop scene.

With a pulse on the urban market, he is frequently hired as a consultant to brands for urban marketing launches. SKEE TV hired him as a consultant for the urban launch of the T-Mobile “Sidekick” device which sold more than 30,000,000 units over the 36-month campaign. He was also responsible for the successful urban launch of the Chrysler 300 Series.

Damien “E-Love” Matthias


Xibalba Studios

We have a partnership with Xibalba Studios

Technologico de Estudios Speriores de ixtapaluca

Professor Victor Hugo Oritz, Ignacio Delgado Zapata, Jesus Brian Sanchez Cortes, Manuel Mora Estrada, Pedro Jesus Alejandro Ruiz Guzman, Mitzi Angelica Huerta Hernandez, Rogelio Manuel Higuera Gonzalez


dummyPrior to the establishment of HTC Japan, the VR Innovator developed the prototype of VR shopping using HTC VIVE, was introduced at TV Tokyo program WBS and Morning Satellite.


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